Ian Watson

Ian Watson made a bit of a splash in 1973 with his debut novel of psycholinguistics, The Embedding, which won amongst other awards the Prix Apollo in France. After a first degree and a research degree in English Literature from Balliol College, Oxford, he lectured at universities in Dar es Salaam, then in Tokyo, then in the History of Art school in Birmingham, UK, before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. Numerous novels of science fiction, fantasy, and horror and a dozen story collections followed, all of them now available as ebooks through Gollancz's www.sfgateway.com - apart from Ian´s 4 delirious gothic space operas set in Games Workshop´s Warhammer 40K universe, but including the first full-length genre fiction book by 2 transgressive European authors with different mother tongues, The Beloved of My Beloved, co-authored with Italian Roberto Quaglia, one story from which won the British SF Association Award for Best Short Fiction of 2009. 9 months' spent eyeball to eyeball with Stanley Kubrick resulted in screen credit for the Screen Story of A.I. Artificial Intelligence made by Steven Spielberg after Kubrick´s lamented death. These days Ian lives in Asturias in Spain, where goblins swig cider while playing bagpipes in the green rainy hills.

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Andy West

Andy West has a degree in Physics and 30 years experience working in the embedded computer industry, specialising in sales of computers to be used in extreme conditions of temperatures and pressures high and low, such as in outer space. His debut novel, The Outcast and the Little One, was published by NewCon Press, UK, in 2012. Set on a largely tamed Venus, it tells of the struggle by an impoverished society of intelligent robots against their cruel suppressers, an exotic race of posthumans. Into the midst of the robots comes a posthuman child, who grows by physical and mental augmentations to become their kinsperson, with dramatic consequences for both races. And this is but an offshoot of Andy´s epic novel, The Clonir Flower, which awaits publication, and in which Andy deploys to the full his fascination with the dynamics of evolution, cultural development, and historical patterns. A keen folk music devotee, he plays Irish whistles. He lives in England in North Bucks near Milton Keynes, on the southern border of which Alan Turing conceived the fundamentals of modern computing at Bletchley Park.

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